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Web 2.0

Where to begin with this one? For a start, there is no such thing as "Web 2.0". The term is yet more "marketingspeak" foisted on the world by people with nothing better to do that think up useless names for things that already exist and are working just fine (thank-you very much) without any cool labels being attached to them. So the fact that there is no such thing as Web 2.0 means that anyone advertising it as a feature of their hosting packages is feeding you a line, hoping that you'll be sucked in by the buzzword that you heard or read somewhere.

If Web 2.0 exists, it exists only as a concept. It is not a technology, or a programming language, or a piece of hardware, or some type of software. As a concept it encompasses a trend that some see as the wonderful evolution and marrying of humanity and technology, while the sceptics see it as the beginning of the end of humanity. Either camp could be accused of using hyperbole, but the fact is that Web 2.0 is not a hosting feature. The technologies that enable so-called Web 2.0 applications have existed for years, and are pretty standard with just about any hosting package.

But now that I've run down Web 2.0, the technological aspects of the concept that the term refers to are excellent. If you've seen them in action and realised what was going on, you probably said to yourself, "Wow!" The implementation of these technologies in a synergistic fashion makes a big difference to the way some web-based applications work.

But Web 2.0 is still not a hosting feature!

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