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If you've seen the websites of enough hosting companies, you can be forgiven for having a hard time telling the difference between them. Apart from the fact that they all offer pretty much the same services (while still trying to fulfil the contradictory goal of being unique), many of their websites look exactly the same because they are exactly the same! You know instantly that you are on a website created from a template if it has a Flash header with drop-down or pop-up menus that make futuristic, electronic pinging sounds and swishing noises, and there's some rockin', synthesised music playing.

While there's nothing inherently wrong with buying a good-looking template from a design company in the business of selling templates, it should give you pause for thought about the depth of the company that is behind the website. All that was required to get that template site up and running was for the buyer of the template to hand over his/her credit-card number, download the files, and fill in the blanks with the company name, contact information and, of course, a few hosting plans and prices.

Relevant links:

All of these hosting companies use the same template, right down to the use of the poorly-constructed sentence, "We deliver best service on the net!"

These two three four five six competitors even use the same "spokesmodel" wearing the same clothes, one of them even giving her the name Kelly. Presumably you're supposed to believe she works for the company (the president and CEO maybe?!), and will be the one taking your call when you phone to place your order!

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